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It’s all about people, creativity, and classic hard work.

Our Story

Demand Science takes pride in nurturing professionals from different backgrounds and experiences. This diversity is what enables a collaborative and innovative work environment that sets the table perfectly for anyone who believes that the big idea starts with getting the idea heard.

Our young professionals come from industry leaders like Financial Times, Ernst & Young, Fujitsu, Emerson Electric, MRM/McCann, Havas Media, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley Capital International—and what does this mean for you? It means you’re in great hands and our story starts with you.



It started as a dream. Now, it’s an empire.

Demand Science is a proud company of Pure Incubation along with PureB2B, MedData Group and ProspectOne. Led by industry veterans Melissa Chang and Barry Harrigan, we are passionate about delivering high-caliber data-centric services while having fun and learning in the workplace.

Barry Harrigan

Barry serves as Chairman of the Company’s subsidiary firms, including Demand Science, PureB2B and MedData Group. He drives the strategic vision for Demand Science and its parent company, Pure Incubation. Barry has spent the past 25 years developing businesses in areas of lead generation, demand generation, and online media.

Barry has worked extensively in technology markets, multiple B2B markets and the small business market. Barry likes to split his time between his homes in Ipswich, MA and Hilton Head, SC to extend his summer and improve his golf score.

Melissa Chang

Melissa is Founder, President and CEO of Demand Science and it’s parent company, Pure Incubation, LLC. Melissa is also President and CEO of another Pure Incubation subsidiary firm, PureB2B, and a Director for a third subsidiary firm, MedData Group, LLC. Melissa brought a successful track record of online innovation and web application development when she formed Pure Incubation.

She has been an Internet entrepreneur and technology developer for more than a decade. Outside of the office, she can be found renovating her 1890’s home and enjoying time with her husband and daughters.

Pure Incubation is a developer and parent company of performance media and database service firms. Founded in 2007 by industry veterans Melissa Chang and Barry Harrigan, Pure Incubation has created and successfully spun off four companies – PureB2B, MedData Group, Demand Science and ProspectOne.

Pure Incubation develops new digital strategies and technologies every day.


Expanding Healthcare Marketing Opportunities

MedData Group is a leading provider of healthcare data solutions helping providers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare IT, medical education and publishers engage with professional healthcare audiences. Our professional and clinical data combined with the largest database of multi-channel offline and digital contact data powers campaigns that engage physicians and other HCPs.


Accelerating the Technology Sales Process

Our comprehensive suite of demand generation marketing solutions drives engagement across the entire sales funnel. From data to qualified leads, from account-based marketing to content syndication, we help B2B technology companies reach their target audience, fill their pipeline, and drive higher ROI.


Better Prospect Data Powered by Technology and Human Insight

ProspectOne provides a comprehensive suite of B2B data products that deliver accurate, actionable prospect data for all your sales and marketing needs. We combine intelligent technology with human insight to deliver the most accurate and actionable B2B prospect data available.


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