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Gio Takes The Biggest Leap of His Life

Photo Taken During Gio’s Latest Visit To Demand Science HQ

Gio Tabanao, Site Manager, Demand Science Davao – I say this all the time and I will say it again, when I took the leap to join DST, it was the best decision that I have made in my career, maybe even in my whole life. I am known to take a lot of risks in my career in the past because I felt that I had nothing to lose until I got to the point when I thought that this is it, this is as far as I go – I was then working for a BPO in Makati as an Operations Manager, I mean what more can someone like me ask for? I was young, I had a good career and I was earning decent money.


One fateful day, I received a Linkedin message from someone offering me to apply for a job for a relatively unknown company in Makati. I really wanted to turn his offer down because I was set to go back to Davao to continue my work there – my home.. but then he said “Why don’t you give it a shot? who knows this may be it for you” so I said, why not?


One thing led to another and I did decide to get interviewed, from the initial interview with Kent (the guy who sent the message) and Davie, I could tell that these people were happy about their work, from then I felt that this is a company that I want to be a part of, that feeling solidified, even more, when I was interviewed by the founding mother herself Anna and of course Barry, our Chairman.


To cut the story short, that leap gave birth to DST Davao, that leap gave the opportunity to hundreds of Davaoeños to not only have good paying jobs but to be in a company that really takes care of their people, a company that treats everyone in it as a family. I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else. 🙂

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