What We Do

Take a look around and discover the “know-how” we have:

  • Demand Generation Services

    The Demand Generation team serves as a strategic think tank and production hub for telemarketing and email marketing, which covers the production of email content, scheduling, deployment and lead QA.

  • Business Analytics

    The Business Analytics team provides reporting and analysis on all aspects of campaign marketing. They dig deep, finding efficiencies, opportunities and anticipating any issues or business challenges that may arise.

  • Video Marketing

    Video production and video marketing supports all facets of the company. The video team’s purview includes brand-building, inbound marketing and demand generation as well as thought leadership and training initiative.

  • Inbound Marketing & Business Development

    The Inbound Marketing practice and Business Development practice are in direct support of the US Sales Team creating Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and developing new clients.

  • Accounting

    This practice area ensures that invoicing, accounts receivables management, and customer contracts processes are functioning properly in order to optimize business performance.

  • Human Resources

    This practice area includes recruitment, business process documentation, training and professional development.

  • Sales Development Services

    The Sales Development team connects the gap between marketing and sales. It covers all the needs of the sales team, from research, appointment setting and chat services.

  • Software Engineering & Development

    This practice area emerged through the vision of transitioning the company’s software development support from an outsourced group to a more strategic and integrated approach. This approach allows the technology support staff to work within hours that overlap with their counterparts in the US in order to form a full-time and committed team.

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