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Three Reasons Why I Took The Leap

Photo Taken During Pure Inc’s 10th Year Anniversary Surprise Kiddie Party.

Anna Rombaoa, General Manager & Co-founder, Demand Science Team Inc.  – As of this writing, Demand Science, which I co-founded four years ago already reached 470-strong. 400 lives. 4 footprints in the Philippines through all our offices. 4 years. Though it may seem like yesterday, finding and welcoming these gems as part of the family was not easy peasy. In the process, our leaders and teams had both the privilege and arduousness of sitting in outnumbered interviews in the past years vetting various candidates from all walks of life.


One of the favorite questions I get from candidates during these interviews (aside from why we named the company Demand Science) sounds like this: how were you able to take the risk, see something that’s yet unseen and found something you were unsure that could fly eventually?


And I like answering how questions like this with a why answer. In her book Find Your Extraordinary, Jessica Herrin, founder of Stella & Dot and one of the entrepreneurs/writers that inspire me, perfectly encapsulates the reason behind this… “You must have a clear sense of what you want and why you want it. It’s human nature to lose sight of your goals, to stumble and fall. Do not, however, confuse these setbacks with ‘I can’t do it—it’s okay to give up.’ Once you get clarity on what matters most, you will put that on your ‘do not quit’ list. Then you will go out and make it reality.” Our whys help get clarity on what matters most…
Now, let’s rewind to that favorite candidate’s question… I would always have a three-prong answer that has helped me get clarity on what matters most and be soulfully connected since Demand Science’s founding days to what I still do at Demand Science presently:


My Why #1: the leadership I found in Barry and Melissa. In any life-changing pursuit, leadership serves as the inevitable bedrock and I’m grateful to have found that in Barry and Melissa. They are one-of-a-kind – not only masters of their craft but are leaders with big hearts who invest on their people (in my case, staking in my ‘nothingness’ four years back, cultivating the mustard-seed potential in people and developing them while doing good business). More than being visionaries and my bosses, Barry and Melissa are truly servant-leaders, mentors and friends who take and treat us like family and one paragraph of this blog won’t surely paint the picture enough (I should probably consider one whole blog entry just for them!)


My Why #2: a door of opportunities for fellow Filipinos. Throwback to that serendipitous day when I was staring at Barry’s email offering me the role… Plainly, it was a fork road – either the risk flunks or flies and no one really holds the future but God. I may have been both ecstatic and scared to found a company but the truth is, I can never predict the exact future. No human being can. When time seemed to stop, in an ocean of raging thoughts and feelings came an unforgettable question that thankfully helped me traverse the unpredictable future: But what if it flies? What if it works? This could mean a door of opportunities for fellow Filipinos who like me, are just awaiting opportunities that for sure they will give their best shot and won’t squander? What if… the risk is worth it? Four years after, I now tell myself, “Aaah! I live for these moments…” when a deserving candidate lands a job in the company building his/her career further; an employee buys his first car; someone shares about his/her wedding finally coming through; when the staff finds not just work but friends and family in the workplace; an employee gets the key of his/her first home; DST babies coming along yay! (side note: we now need more Pure Incubation onesies!); children of the staff finishing school or that… the staff could come to work and leave having the peace of mind that their families are fended for and their future secured – there’s roof over their heads, food on the table and the basic needs in life all because of their hard work that pays off. These are 400 lives representing 400 families. It is sobering yet so fulfilling.


My Why #3: inside-out growth. They say, if one wants to accelerate growth and maturity in his life, he can try embracing and being accountable for something bigger than just himself, step out of the comfort zone, wear shoes that are way bigger that his feet… and through up’s and down’s, endeavor to be wiser today that you are yesterday. Demand Science turned my world upside-down and for that I’ll always ever be grateful for and humbled by the ones who first trusted – Barry, Melissa and the pioneering team – and for each and every gem in the company that help sharpen me, in one way or another, like an iron sharpens another. More than the earned knowledge, skills and experiences, one thing stands: honing of the heart and character would always be the impeccable highlight in pursuit of growth, maturity and leadership. And, I’m glad I can still do that in Demand Science. The best is yet to come.


“When a person… knows that every one of his acts has an eternal significance, he realizes more clearly how serious life is, and he is fired with a new determination to make his life count for greater things.” ~ Loraine Boettner.

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